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Innovating Growth

The Honeycomb Global Electronics Hub


We are building a managed collaboration network for the electronics community, for manufacturers, R&D and supporting industries, worldwide. Join the network to find collaborators to  get into new markets, develop new tech, offer new ideas. Open to all electronics manufacturers, R & D and supporting industries, including Technology Park and Cluster managers.

Contract Based Business Service (CBBS)


​Our historic core service, offering bespoke contracts for business reviews, market intelligence, technology mapping and Tech Park and Cluster development strategies. If you have a temporary need, take advantage of our expertise in wide range of business skills and experience.

Honeycomb Global aims to support global leaders to accelerate electronics manufacturing and innovation for high-tech economic growth.

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Honeycomb Global is a highly specialised cluster development  and business strategy firm based in the WORLD LEADING and HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL Cambridge technology cluster.

We combine cutting edge technology research with expert strategy development from the top academic institutions around the world. We believe that technology drives industry, leading to sustainable economic development and social inclusion. Working with governments and institutions, we focus on building and restructuring high-tech centres of industry to spearhead this progress.

From project planning to implementation, we balance innovation with realistic commercial output. Our projects are sustainable, long-term ventures and our input spans the whole process. We design detailed strategies which don’t just outline a generic framework, but actively procure multinationals for the clusters. We create costing forecasts for construction and operation, create workgroups and stage-by-stage implementation plans.

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Our Philosophy


At Honeycomb, we believe that the most productive innovation strategies reflect how technology, business and region connect and interact. Working with businesses, governments and higher education institutions, Honeycomb strives to advance the development of regions through business growth.


We strongly believe that the private sector is the key catalyst of socio-economic development, and by giving businesses the support they need to seize new opportunities, we can help build

better eco-systems with attractive policies.