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We provide a series of contract-based business services to support our governmental, corporate, and cluster clients.


The traditional model for engaging our services, based on our original business of technology park and cluster strategy development,  to support your business through one off bespoke contracts or longer term retainer arrangements. Provide us with a brief outline of your needs by using the enquiry form at the bottom of this page, or by calling/emailing, and we will come back to you to discuss the paid hours required, and move towards a brief proposal and price. Contract Based Business Services is for clients who prefer a clear, contracted, traditional consultancy based engagement.

For Companies

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For Clusters & Tech Parks

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Don’t like the contract based model? Perhaps The Electronics Hub is right for you.

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The Balance of 

Honeycomb Global


We combine the EXISTING CAPABILITIES of a region with EMERGING TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS. We bridge the gap between ACADEMIA AND BUSINESS, using the strengths of both to build a viable and SUSTAINABLE CLUSTER which benefits and enhances the region as a whole. Drawing our insights from EXTENSIVE COMMERCIAL KNOWLEDGE and experience, and from insights into WORLD-LEADING CLUSTERS, we identify the key cornerstones that are essential to both methods.


Early generation of income to become quickly profitable and self-sustaining.



Knowledge transfer supporting the modernisation of a region.



Selection of a strong technological field with a development path sustainable for decades.



Minimal impact on the environment of the region.



Generating large scale direct and indirect employment.


Equitable Economic Growth

Bringing benefit to all members of society.


Our Value to Companies

For Companies & R&D Institutions.  

From independent market assessment, technology roadmapping, future tech advice, management and leadership development through to expansion planning, locations identification and finding collaboration partners.



It can be difficult to see a clear path, when you are so down in the detail. We help bring the focus you need.



Clear focus, clear targets are the path to success, but it takes good implementation. We want to stay with you throughout that journey.



In complex managerial, strategic, commercial and technical issues, we help you develop clear targets for your next move.

Our Services to Companies

Regional/Industry Foresight

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  1. Sector growth analysis

  2. Competitor position mapping

  3. Trend analysis

  4. Future scoping

Leadership Support

  1. Leadership assessment & training

  2. Decision making

  3. Creative thinking and innovation

  4. Change management

Technology Foresight

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  1. Future scoping

  2. Application roadmaps

  3. Disruptive technology foresight

Structural Reviews

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  1. Organisational structure design 

  2. Systems development and design

  3. Change requirements

Register for free to be included in our database of electronics companies. We will contact you if we think you are a good potential fit for a member looking for a collaboration, based on your location and basic company information*. 

*We will not share your contact information without your expressed permission.

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For Our Corporate Clients


Identifying New Opportunities

We enable companies to reach their full potential by identifying cutting edge opportunities and fresh competencies for them to pursue.


Technology Commercialisation

We support our clients in identifying and addressing risks at every stage of technology development and manufacturing scale up.


Capability & Capacity Building

We support clients in countering external changes and threats by building an organisational capability roadmap, which enhances their capacity to react to new challenges.


Organisational Innovation

We support companies model their structures and culture to support innovation.

Internationalisation Strategy

We support with market-entry strategies by analysing market potential, identifying key players, mapping legal and policy, and identifying signifi­cant partners.


Clusters & Tech Parks

Our Value to Clusters & Tech Parks

For Electronics Clusters & Technology Parks  

From bringing tenants to your park to providing DPRs, master plans, feasibility studies, phasing plans, marketing plans and, through our partners, architectural design planning and RFQs development.



Whether developing an existing cluster or building one from scratch, our focus stays on streamlining your activities.



Any reports we produce are to ensure understanding and to inform on progress. They are not the end product. The end product is the success of the cluster.



Most importantly, we have the desire to remain involved throughout  ensuring that development remains on-target for a successful outcome.

Our Services to Clusters & Technology Parks

Regional/Industry Foresight

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  1. Sector growth analysis

  2. Private sector and due diligence

  3. Feasibility studies

Social Innovation

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  1. Clean-tech and rural development

  2. Start-up and SME finance sourcing

  3. Entrepreneurship education, skills, and employment

Technology Foresight

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  1. Best-fit technology for manufacturing

  2. R&D capacity building

  3. Funding and collaboration partner searches

Economic Development

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  1. Incentives

  2. Economic impact analysis

  3. Export and trade capacity

Register for free to be included in our database of electronics companies. We will contact you if we think you are a good potential fit for a member looking for a collaboration, based on your location and basic company information.

The Questions We Answer

Central & Regional Governments

  1. Which policies raise economic output?

  2. How can you raise the manufacturing output of your region?

  3. How do you build an innovation or manufacturing cluster?

  4. What incentives attract foreign companies?

  5. How do you fund large projects and where can you find foreign direct investments (FDI)?

  6. How can you upskill and raise the employability of the public?

  7. How do you ensure growth for local SMEs?


Industrials Clusters & Innovation Parks

  1. How do you ensure long-term sustainability of your cluster, while staying commercially viable?

  2. Where in the supply chain do you want to be?

  3. What is your market?

  4. Will your product make an impact?

  5. What are the risks involved?

  6. How to bring innovation to existing manufacturing?

  7. How to incubate new technologies?

  8. How to provide supporting infrastructure for start-up growth?


Case Study

Our Largest Project to Date

We tackle a huge range of projects, each requiring a DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT APPROACH. We engage with ALL STAKEHOLDERS involved to identify critical issues preventing your CLUSTER from reaching its ECONOMIC POTENTIAL.

Honeycomb Global formulated the strategy and project plan for an electronics science park and manufacturing cluster of over 250,000 square metres. Our strategic framework for developing an ESDM cluster identifies four key elements to balance with the broader multi-level policy and regulatory environment.

Strategy Formulation

Aimed at supporting cluster conditions and interactions.

Asset Development

Focusing on land use, existing buildings, facilities and planning zones that can be leveraged to support the cluster.

Cluster Governance & Leadership

Bringing together the appropriate stakeholders to implement strategy and provide continuity necessary for the long term success of the cluster.

Company Development

Covering three main strategic approaches for expanding company activity in the region:

  • The attraction of foreign MNC firms and Indian firms from outside the region;

  • Helping existing companies expand their activities;

  • Creating new firms in the region.


The electronics science park and manufacturing cluster included:

  • Labs

  • Offices

  • Prototyping & Pilot Manufacturing Facilities

  • Full Scale Manufacturing

  • Logistics Hubs

  • Warehousing

  • SME Incubator Blocks

  • Roads

  • Utilities

  • Training & Skills Centres

  • Full IT Infrastructure

Long-term Plan

We’ve developed a comprehensive long-term plan for practical involvement up to management of the entire project. The value of the development over the next ten years is expected to exceed $50M, with Honeycomb Global as the central driving force.

Project Managing

We’re selecting and project managing developers for building works, negotiating with multi-billion dollar businesses based in India, USA, Europe and Asia to secure interest, participation and investment. The strategy represents a concerted effort by the regional government to diversify its economy by developing technology based sectors. This in turn supports its broader commitments to economic diversity and sustainability.

Host of Elements

We’re examining a host of elements that must be in place to set the stage for the formation of an Electronics Systems and Design Manufacturing cluster. Nurturing research facilities engaged in cutting-edge work is an important precondition, as are economic measures to entice electronics manufacturing firms.

Other Factors Are Just As Vital

  1. Trained and educated workforce

  2. Close proximity to excellent educational facilities & research institutions

  3. Availability of venture capital

  4. Climate and other location factors

  5. General cost of living

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