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Review the clusters that we have vetted as a business location and for international investment.

Cluster Map
Tech City, Assam

Tech City



Assam is a far North Eastern state of India adjacent to the boarders of Bangladesh and Myanmar.  Over 100 acres of high-tech industries is planned with a focus on solar power systems, energy storage, IoT and industry 4.0. The initial founding anchor company is a next generation LED and solar panel manufacturer, using quantum dot technology printed on to a plastic substrate. The technology is signalled to revolutionise solar power generation through a step change in efficiency and, in time as volumes increase, reduce panel cost. A great location for green electronics companies.

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Elcina, Rajasthan







An initiative of the Electronics Industries Association of India with support from Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation (RIICO), the Bhiwada EMC is 70Km to the SSW of New Delhi. It is a greenfield cluster under the Central Government’s Electronic Manufacturing Cluster (EMC) subsidy scheme, initially of 100 acres, split into two phases of 50 acres each. Possession of land was confirmed in 2016 and phase 1 consisting of 30 plots have already been taken with focus now turning to the development of phase 2.

Close to one of the centres of automotive manufacturing, 40% of 2 wheelers in India are manufactured within a 50 km radius, along with a growing industry of 4 wheelers from companies such as Honda and JCB, makes it a great location for Electronics Systems Design & Manufacturing (ESDM) companies involved in or looking to break into the exponential growth of the Indian automotive industry. Excellent communication links by rail, road, and air.

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KHED City, Maharashtra




A joint venture between Maharashtra Development Corp (MIDC), (A state govt. body) and Kalyani Group, a US$3bill Indian multinational involved in high technology development and manufacturing. KHED City is a large cluster development of 1300 acres, with future growth plans for expansion to 4200 acres.

​Located midway up the West Coast, Khed City is near the city of Pune and  with the advantage of being within 170 KM of two of India's major sea ports in Mumbai and Mumbai International Airport, as well as being serviced by the smaller Pune regional airport with regular daily connecting flights with 10 major Indian cities and an increasing international schedule to Dubai, Germany and Belgium.

​A range of multi-national and domestic companies have already taken advantage of all that Khed City offers, with units taken by companies from India, Dubai, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Belgium, Germany and Italy. The electronics cluster is supported by further surrounding engineering and supporting industries. Focus industries in the region are automotive, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and consumer products. An excellent location for electronics R& D and manufacturing.

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Mahindra World City, Rajasthan


World City



One of the more mature clusters in India, already includes large developments by JCB (UK), Infosys (India), ISYS Softech (India), Ball Corp, Gaston energy (China), Perto (Brazil), SHV Energy (Netherlands), Yasan Lighting (Taiwan) amongst circa 100 companies on site across a range of industries.

Spread across 3000 acres, Mahindra world City is a PPP between the US$20bill+ Mahindra group and  Rajasthan State Industrial development and Investment Corporation (RIICO), a Government of Rajasthan company. The cluster already boats 40,000+ employees and 10,000 Cr of exports (over US$1bill).

The region attracts many top manufacturers such as Bosch, Kone, Texas Instruments, Ashok Leyland, Siemens, 3M, Cummins, Panasonic, Freescale and many more. A key Indian hub for Automotive and consumer electronics manufacturing, offering many opportunities with excellent incentive and support packages. 

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Sri City, Andhra Pradesh

Sri City


Andhra Pradesh

Sri City is an integrated Multiproduct Special Economic Zone, Domestic Tariff Zone and a Free Trade and Warehousing Zone. Featuring both an electronics cluster and automotive cluster, Sri City includes a number of global brands, such as Foxconn, Amphenol, Alstom Isuzu, NHK, Nippon Seiki, Piolax, and many other supporting and complementary multidisciplinary industries. Covering a massive 10,000 acres, Sri city is one of the largest industrial zones in India, with infrastructure capacity for 350 + units and 500,000 people. 

​Situated within 65km of the city of Chennai and 100km from 4 seaports, including India's second largest container port and Chennai International Airport, Sri City also enjoys a talent pool of over 150,000 Engineering, IT and Poly Tech graduates each year and a 200,000 unskilled/semiskilled local workforce to pull from. An excellent world class business environment, the chosen destination of some of the world’s top brands such as PepsiCo, Cadbury, Alstom, Kellogg’s, Colgate-Palmolive and more.

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