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Service Description

Looking for new tech, new markets, new capabilities? One of the fastest routes is to collaborate with another company. Cooperation and coopetition (collaboration with a competitor) has been a big competitive trend in large companies for years, but is now increasingly a competitive trend in small and medium sized companies. Gain access to new markets quickly, get access to or share the cost of development of new technologies and products, or increase your core capabilities in manufacturing, business intelligence etc. Book an appointment now to discuss your needs and we will begin an active search for the right partner and co-ordinate with them as an independent 3rd party, protecting your identity and IP until you are happy to proceed. We will put you into direct contact (with the permission of the other party) at whatever stage you wish. Collaboration can be anything from informal discussions and non-contractual agreements in principle to contractual and equity based joint ventures and even mergers. NOTE - time spent on this activity will be deducted from your bespoke support hours included in your plan. DISCLAIMER: be aware, we will find partners to fit your specification and liaise with them, but the responsibility for due diligence before collaboration remains your responsibility. We do not offer financial advice.

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