We lead teams from project planning and design through to full implementation, making us unique in this sector.


We focus exclusively on the practice of innovation and development in emerging regions.


We understand where technology is today and can forecast where it will be in the future.


We combine non-traditional and conventional approaches that integrate technology, management and regional strategy.


We deliver strategy emphasising the alignment of regional resources within global markets.


Our teams with qualifications and experience to lead client engagement, with researchers and strategy experts from world renowned institutions.


We accelerate decision making and move seamlessly into implementation by engaging with all stakeholders.

We interact daily with top researchers and experts from within our global knowledge network and know what works in the marketplace to enable the pioneering of best practice to maximise cluster effects. We don’t just have this world-class scientific expertise at our disposal, we integrate it with extensive real-life experience of business strategy. Through the outstanding capabilities of our experts, we bring an unparalleled perspective on the manufacturing and high-technology sectors to each of our clients, enabling us to offer organisations of all sizes the strategy and expertise they need to succeed. Our close relationships with a select group of highly respected industry and academic experts ensure that we provide quality and creativity in solving our clients’ complex problems.

Our CAMBRIDGE and MANCHESTER University networks put us at the FOREFRONT of technological and commercial innovation.

Industry is built from the ground up. By bringing top-end innovation to emerging nations’ established industry, we allow everyone to benefit from the infrastructure of the cluster. Bringing local SMEs into the fold lets them develop and thrive, raising the overall skill level of the region and driving social development. A better educated and skilled workforce drives a more mobile society, an aspect which is critical to emerging nations.

We stand apart from the COMPETITION by focusing on IMPLEMENTATION. Our strategies are not hypothetical. They are the starting point for REAL PROGRESS.